Pitch Perfect (2012)


In the past four years we’ve all seen, guiltily enjoyed, and then quickly gotten over Glee. Now, just as I’d begun to remember what songs sounded like when sung by their original artists, comes Picture Perfect. It’s tempting to describe this film as Glee meets Bridesmaids but it’s far less cheesy and far less funny than either respectively, so I’ll do my best to break it down.


  • The usually engaging talent of Anna Kendrick is completely wasted here. Not her fault, the film’s protagonist is possibly the least interesting member of the all female a cappella group (and some of them don’t even have any lines). In fact the entirety of the ‘main’ romantic plot between her and a singer in the rival all male group is a complete bore-fest. No chemistry whatsoever. In fact, I can’t even remember their names.
  • I. HAVE. SEEN. IT. ALL. BEFORE. Whoopi did it in Sister Act. Kevin did it in Footloose. Julie did it in The Sound Of Music for god’s sake. Cool newbie on the scene, shakes things up, everyone’s happy, Nazis lose, credits role.


  • Rebel Wilson. 


She is quite simply the only reason that Pitch Perfect is worth a watch. Nearly every line is gold and it’s painstakingly obvious that the reason for this is that she went rogue and cleverly ignored whatever dull dialogue was supposed for her. Barely more than fifteen minutes had passed since the film began and already all I wanted was the film to be about Fat Amy and her horizontal method of running rather than boring Anna Kendrick and her desire to be a DJ.

If you loved her in Bridesmaids you’ll love her in this. It may transpire that Rebel can only play one character, but to be honest, it’s one of the best characters around and I’m nowhere near tiring of it.

So Pitch Perfect as a whole gets 2 out of 5. Rebel Wilson gets full marks.

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